În limba română
"I'm trusting in Your Will my Lord!"

Ioan and Sanda Vultur

Ioan Vultur

He has born at January 11th, 1950 in Frunzeni, Mureș county, Romania.

He painting and reproducing icons on glass, inspired by icons from Nicula, Outland of Kronstadt, Sebeș-Laz, area of Sibiu and Land of Olt.


Member of Fine Arts - Artist Association and he had been at many inhibitions in Târgu Mureș and Sebeș-Alba (both in Romania). He started the icon painting after a visit at Prislop Monastery, where lies father Arsenie Boca. Impressed and inspired by beauty and rest of place, which is a cosy little corner of „Mother of Lord's garden” and represent a mirror of entire Romanian spirituality.

Sanda Vultur


She has born at June 1st, 1960 in Căpuș, Mureș county, Romania.

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